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Easter bell (pink and yellow)

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Easter bell (pink and yellow)

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The toy in ethnic style is made from natural fabrics, there is a synthetic winterizer inside it. It’s covered with fragrant coffee solution, cinnamon, vanilla, cloves and is decorated with acrylic paints by hand.

On the Easter every peasant tried to pull a rope and ring the bell at least once, because people believed that it can bring happiness.
After the Easter meal everyone wants to be the one, who rings the bell first, because they knew that in that case they will have a good harvest of buckwheat on their fields.
On the Easter day bells ring all day long. Everyone is competing who will be the first, who rang the bell after eating an Easter cake or consecrated eggs. After the dinner everyone come to the church, youngsters and adults.
Paintings on the bells are made using Easter eggs' ornaments.

Toy's size: 2x11.5x12.5 cm.
Weight: 35g.

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