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The Bear

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The Bear

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The Bear, is a character from a tale The Mitten. Natural fabrics, handmade painting.
"And then the bear came out from the bushes, he stopped and braying:
- Hello, good people! Who is living in this mitten?
- We are. The Mouse, The Frog, The Rabbit, The Fox, The Wolf and The Boar. And who are you?
- Ho-ho-ho! I'm The Bear. There are a lot of you, but we must make a room for me in the mitten.
- How can we? We're so cramped!
- Where there's a will there's a way!
- Okey, but dont forget that you are not the only one. And now there were seven of them inside and they were so cramped that the mitten was fit to burst."

Toy's size: 5x8x18 cm. Weight: 51g.

Pay your attention that when you order a set or individual character of "The Mitten Tale" we add to your order a mini-printed booklets with tale in Ukrainian and English languages.

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