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Set #47a. Wooden handpainting box, hearts, honey, hay

Set #47a. Wooden handpainting box, hearts, honey, hay

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A toy in ethnic style is made by Ternopil designers who use traditional ethnic motives and high-quality acrylic paints. It is made from natural fabrics and covered with vanillin solution. The aroma is natural, that’s why it’s unstable. The toy keeps its aroma near half a year. Ethnic paintings are made by hand.

There is a legend on woodlands about a very little hare’s heart. It tells that God made him very long ears and had no material for the heart. Then God cut his tail (leaving only a little piece) and made a heart from it.

Toy's size - 11x13 см,
Box size 25х25 см,
honey 125 ml

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