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A set of traditional jewelry №12

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A set of traditional jewelry №12

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SKU: набір коралі-синє скло-світло-синя силянка

Set decoration in blue, which consists of three beads in the traditional style. Beads are connected by old tradition of wearing jewelry Ukrainian. Each element (beads necklace, necklace, ceramics necklace) can be worn separately - as with clothes in ethnic style, and with ordinary modern attire. Beads necklace made of beads. Necklace composed of Venetian glass and onyx, Ceramics necklace ceramic beads that are in shape and color reminiscent of coral. Case with the use silver accessories. You can also buy each item separately, beads necklace - 220uah., With Venetian glass beads and onyx - 280uah., ceramics necklace - 390uah.

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