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Coffee monkeys

Jolly little monkeys and gorillas will be next to us during the whole 2016 as this is the year of the Fire Monkey. In particular, it likes red, orange and coral colours in combination with other bright shades. In fact, the Monkey is a creative sign – it shows affection for creative people. The people who were lucky to be born under the sign of this animal like daydreaming, they always have a lot of interesting ideas, suggestions and plans. Ancient sages claimed that fire is the representation of the continuous movement upwards; it has always been believed to be the embodiment of longing to success and self-improvement. Many astrologists are sure that the year of 2016 will bring career development and success in all the beginnings to many people. The person’s closest relative is the symbol of confidence, strength, energy and luck. Next year you shouldn’t feel at a loss, you needn’t be afraid to risk, but you should strive for changes. The year promises wild romantic affairs and lively relationships because the Monkey is active and emotional. Everybody will get a chance to change one’s life for better – in career and private life. The most important thing is not to lose this chance. You won’t forget about it because of the jolly animal-souvenir made by our creative craftswomen with the best wishes and positive thoughts.

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