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The Wild Boar

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The Wild Boar

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The Wild Boar, is a character from The Mitten Tale. Natural fabrics, handmade painting.
"After a while a wild boar came and say :
- Harrumph! Who is living in this mitten?
- We are.The Mouse, The Frog, The Rabbit, The Fox and The Wolf. And who are you?
- I'm The Boar. Let me go inside.
- Dear, dear! Everybody wants to get into this mitten. How to put you here?
- Never mind. Let me go inside!
- Go, but we warned you ! And then there were six of them in the mitten, but there were so cramped that they couldn't move!"

Toy's size: 4x17x10 cm. Weight: 35g.

Pay your attention that when you order a set or individual character of "The Mitten Tale" we add to your order a mini-printed booklets with tale in Ukrainian and English languages.

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