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An angel with a kobza

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An angel with a kobza

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An angel on a cloud is playing the kobza and singing Dumy ( is a sung epic poem which originated in Ukraine during the Hetmanate Era). The toy is filled and painted by hand. Avers has a graphic draft painted with glitter. Wandering musicians played on kobazas - so called kobzari. They often stopped in crowdy places - at market places, on squares, near churches. Kobzari travelled alot, they knew the latest news from all around Ukraine.
Every time improvising, they told about the latest kozaks' journeys, about how people live in different regions, about the danger that outlanders may cause, about tyranny of nobility. Ancient bards they were the creators of Dumy and historical songs, where warriors were main heroes. Kobzari had their own lifestyle, their own handicraft shops and even their own dialect - so called "Lebian language". Kobzari travelled in Ukraine even at the beginning of XXth century.

Size: 14х14 cm.
Weight: 35 g.

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