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A toy in ethnic style is made by Ternopil designers who use traditional ethnic motifs and high-quality acrylic paints. It is made from natural fabrics and covered with coffee, cinnamon and cocoa solution. Except its pleasant aroma, this solution paints the toy brown which becomes the background for next painting. The aroma is natural, that’s why it’s unstable. The toy keeps its aroma near half a year. Ethnic paintings are made by hand.

Dove is a symbol of purity and wedding ceremonies. They say in which house there are doves, there will be happiness and good-luck.

Dove in Christianity symbolizes the Holly Spirit. In whole white world this bird is a sing of peace, sensetivity, love, and goodness.

Dove will be a nice gift. It can bring happiness to people, like it brought olive branch to Noah's arc after the flood.

Toy's size: 3х12х12 cm.
Weight: 65g.

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