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Unique art toys from these collections are not just Christmas tree decorations that fantastically fit our ideas about favourite winter family celebrations. Sculpture vintage toys “European Christmas Classics” are the examples of small statuary that has both emotional and artistic-ethnographic value. They take ecologically clean materials: wood shaving and shredding, buckwheat husks, milled paper, mixed glue on the basis of flour paste. The toys similarly to biscuits are baked in specially made forms in ovens becoming solid and remaining light. Moreover, the process of decoration of Christmas tree with the help of our works can be trusted to children because they don’t break. It’s enough to say “Hans Christian Andersen” and all, regardless of age, stand motionless and are cast in mind into childhood with the storyteller’s lyrical plots of the 19th century. All know the story about the true love and faith that become stronger in the testings on the way to the Snow Queen’s palace. Nobody remains indifferent. All want that warm Gerda’s embrace and kiss overcome the Snow Queen’s spell and Kai’s heart become alive again.
Size: 12x5 cm

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