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An angel with a svirel

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An angel with a svirel

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Angel is playing the svirel filling the atmosphere with melody. The toy is filled and painted by hand. Avers has a graphic draft painted with glitter.
Svirel, as known as the Pan flute, consisting from twelve to twenty wooden (often bamboo) pipes.
An old legend says that there was a Pan deity, who was a deity of woods and fields and the defender of shepherds. He competed with Apollo by playing musical instruments, and have lost, not only because Apollo was a patron of muses, but also because he played on a more perfect musical instrument - ancient greek lyre (cithara). Since then, this instrument was named the Pan flute. There are many varieties of this legend, but it shows that this instrument is well-known in the world.

Size: 14х14 cm.
Weight: 35 g.

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