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Unique art toys from these collections are not just Christmas tree decorations which fantastically fit our ideas about favourite winter family celebrations. Sculpture vintage toys “European Christmas Classics” are the examples of small statuary which has both emotional and artistic-ethnographic value. We take ecologically clean materials: wood shaving and shredding, buckwheat husk, milled paper, mixed glue on the basis of flour paste. The toys are baked in specially made forms in ovens becoming solid and remaining light. Moreover, we created decorations which are unbreakable, waterproof and are safe for children.Suffice it to say, “Hans Christian Andersen”, as everyone, regardless of his age, fades away for a moment and is carried away by lyrical and aristocratic plots of the Danish storyteller of the nineteenth century. The story of true love and fidelity, which are gaining even more strength during tests on the way to a Palace of the Snow Queen, are known by all. Someone condemns Kay for insolence, someone admires Gerda's courage, someone wants to have the same faithful Reindeer, someone is annoyed by the mercantilism of the Crows, some are scared by the manner of the Little Robber, someone is fascinated by the cold beauty of the Snow Queen …Size:12×8 cm

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