Christmas all year round in ukraine

The idea, that Koza Dereza needs a space, where our collections could be shown, has long been in our manufacture. Having a huge experience in presenting our products at numerous exhibitions in the worlds best markets, we would like to demonstrate the skills we have gained in decor and interior. However, the volume of work that was to be carried out and the lack of experience in such cases did not allow to start the conceived. An exciting push was getting acquainted with Marina Maslova, and a talk about social responsibility of business in building up the infrastructure of our city and the importance of creating new locations that would be attractive both for the citizen and for tourists.

Long before the opening of the Koza Dereza production, I was genuinely surprised by overseas stores selling Christmas products all year round – this format of the showroom was the best fit for us. So I went for a search of experience to RothenburgobderTauber, the charming Bavarian town, where Christmas lives all year round. We were very interested in German practice, but our project is completely different from what we have seen.

The particularity of our showroom “Christmas all year round” is that it is connected with the production of New Years toys, gifts and decor. At first guests can see the whole process of creating a toy, watching the masters, and then see this thing in the interior, or try to do the same with their own hands, get acquainted with modern trends of New Years decor. Repair work was completed in May 2019, but improvements continue to this day – we are working out photo zones, developing new master classes and programs for celebrating childrens birthdays and other events, establishing contacts with travel agencies.

And also we stock up with aromatic herbs in the winter – after all, every visitor will have to taste fragrant herbal tea during a visit to Koza Dereza).

All visits are planned in advance – you can call (067) 82-43-723, or contact us through social networks. Such planning helps to avoid crashes in the manufacture and to give enough time to the guests. After all, the master classes are carried out by our employees, and at high load we can not host. This, in fact, prompted us to work on Saturday and Sunday, when both visitors and masters are free. In short, we celebrate without a weekend!).

With the warmth of Christmas in the heart, Victoria Kolodiy