Autobiography of sparrow

-How is it – to be made by hand?

– Im happy. Glad to give warm and positive emotions to people. I am hanging on a bag or purse – and all of you smile, sniff and say that i smell like vanilla perfectly. And this smell i have for quite a long time …

– My first memory? This is a moment when I was painted by designers on paper. I really liked my sketch: the red torso and the golden tail are the best that can only be for the sparrow! Now red is my favorite color. . Seamstress sewed me together. Filling and here I am already a real bird. And I want so to fly!

– And then? I was brought to the painting craft. The smell there was fantastic! I was covered with vanilla solution, so I smelled great. I happy when people rejoice with my own aroma).

– The most magical moment? This is a painting for me. Everything depended on the hands and emotions of the artist who painted me. I am very grateful to her! Smooth and sure movements painted the wings. I kept breathing so that, perhaps, do not distract the artist and not disturb this magic process. I will never forget these warm hands that have brought me to life! It is impossible to convey the happiness that I survived, realizing: “Yes, I became the best sparrow-keychain!” At least, that told me artist when i were ready…

– Am I happy? Yes, I’m happy to be here and now, keep safe a bag and study the world around when i travel with my owner. And, you know, I’m really pretty)